How to Rent A Goat, or Actually a Herd of Them

What we need to know

–  The size of the property to be cleared. You can provide the length and width of property or the exact acreage.

– Tell us a little about the vegetation on the property. For example the property may be primarily covered by blackberries, broom, grass, etc. Tell us about any toxic plants you may know about such as rhododendron, laurel, azalea, or other ornamental shrubbery. Are there desirable plants that need to be protected?

– Describe the topography of the land. Tell us if the land is flat or has a steep slope. How is the access? We need to be able to reach it with our Herd Hauler, a 27′ RV. Is it near a busy road, so extra fencing may be needed?

– Please send current digital photos of the site if possible; they are very helpful and help to reduce fuel costs and vehicle emissions. Email to

– Provide the address of the property and directions if the site may be difficult to find.

– Let us know the approximate date you would like the land cleared.

– We always provide free estimates, so please contact us to discuss your specific situation.

– Please note that we do NOT remove remnants from site (only ruminants).


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  1. Pat /

    I see your goats can eat common tansy—what about tansy ragwort?

    1. beverly / Post Author

      Hi Pat. Unfortunately they can’t eat tansy ragwort, as it is considered toxic to livestock and therefore we have avoided it.

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