Why Use Goats?

Goats Eat Most Plants

Goats eat most plants including: blackberry, ivy, Scotch broom, knotweed, morning glory, holly, nuisance trees and saplings, rose, nettle, thistle, tall grasses, horsetail and more.
There are a few types of plants that will make goats sick, such as rhodos and laurels, but before the goat herd arrives we will survey your property to make sure it’s safe for the animals. When the herd is working on your property the goat wrangler will assist them in reaching taller plants and provide nutritional supplements and water. At times, the goats may also receive some hay to help stimulate their appetites and meet their nutritional requirements.

Weed and Brush Clearing with Goats

Goats can quietly clear the vegetation from your land and leave a clear open
space for whatever you have planned next. Using goats for land clearing does not require permits and there’s often no pile of debris or much less to haul away or burn.

Renting goats for brush control is simple. A temporary fence is installed around the area of land to be cleared. A herd of goats is brought in to quietly munch the vegetation. The time it takes to clear the site depends upon many factors, including the size of the area, the topography, and the composition and density of the vegetation. We can give you an accurate estimate of the time once we know a little more about your site.

Goats are natural climbers and enjoy steep or rough terrain. They can go places that a “Brush Hog” cannot. A goat wrangler stays on site to take care of the herd; there may be a small amount of brush cutting that the goat wrangler will take care of by hand.

This accounts for the portion of the plant that the goats do not eat. (woody stalks, branches etc.)
We do not remove debris from the site or haul it away.

When the goats have finished munching away, they are herded back into the herdhauler, the fence is removed and the land is clear of unwanted vegetation.

In many cases, you’ll find that renting a herd of goats to clear your land will cost less than some traditional methods.  When you take into consideration the costs of clearing land by hand, equipment rental, labor, permits, and debris disposal you can see the clear cost benefits of hiring our herd! You have the security of knowing that we are fully licensed and carry $5 million liability insurance.

Goats Go Where Nobody Wants to Go:

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  1. Mike /

    I found your article and see that it was written in 2015.
    Are you still in business

    1. beverly / Post Author

      Yes, very much!

  2. Kim Schindel /

    Having just spent time with this particular herd and viewing and a few of the various sites they have cleared I personally support this environmentally friendly method of vegetation management. This method requires no chemicals which is perfect for plants, animals and humans alike. An excellent solution for clearing invasive weeds from overgrown areas.

  3. Malcolm Watkins /

    Just got back from Sonoma, California where they use sheep herding companies to clear the vineyards of grass and weeds between the vines. Sheep will not eat the grapes as they clear and fertilize between the vines.
    I assume goats would eat everything, including the vines?

    1. beverly / Post Author

      That sounds like an interesting idea! My first impression would be that the goats would likely nibble on the leaves and possibly fruit unless they were excluded with portable fencing. Also, sheep prefer grass and weeds and goats prefer weeds and browse. Let me research it a bit and I’ll see what the pros and cons are. What is the distance between rows of vines?

  4. Jubjub /

    Sounds like a really interesting and nature friendly idea! I hope the goats do well with the munching and you guys are successful!

  5. B. Bridge /

    Great idea and I, for one, am happy to see a creative idea carried out. Good luck and I hope the business works out for you.

    1. beverly / Post Author

      Thank you for your encouragement!

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