• Blue Water Park Phase 2

    We returned to Blue Water Community Park in Parksville, where we wrapped the saplings in burlap and twine to protect from munchers. The neighbours were happy to see us, and we even got some press.

  • Over the Hump Part Two

    On the second part of this job we cleaned up a pond and some neglected raised beds.
    The owners are soon ready to grow!

  • Over the Hump to Port Alberni Part One

    This was one end of a gorgeous property in Port Alberni that is slated to become a permaculture landscape with lots of unique trees. We were tasked with bringing the blackberries, burdock, weeds and tall grass under control.

  • Back at Lighthouse Community Hall

    This is a return visit to the hall in Qualicum Bay where we worked two years ago. This job took three days and we were FULL! We also had to tangle with some unhappy black faced wasps who didn’t like us visiting their neighbourhood.






  • Meeting the Neighbours

    This was a residential property nearby that had become really overgrown. We cleared a septic field that was covered in tall blackberries, and shortened the tall grass.

  • Lending a Hoof in Lantzville

    We worked on the beautiful residential property to eliminate sweet clover, alder and blackberries.

  • During and After

  • Phase 1, North End

    This is the North end of Blue Water Park Before

  • Phase 1

    These are Before, During and After of Phase 1 of Blue Water Park, completed in May